The Stratford Bar Menu is available from 12 noon till 9.30pm every day of the week. You can either eat in the bar, conservatory, closed garden or in the Hawkesbury when available. This menu is also available for room service (£2.50 charge will apply/tray).

Sandwiches all £5.75

On White or Brown Bread

Ham & Tomato

Cheddar Cheese & Pickle

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Beef, Horseradish & Rocket

Sausage & Confit Red Onion

Cajun Chicken & Rocket

Light Bites

Pork Pie with Homemade Piccalilli £2.75

Mixed Olives £3.25

Garlic Bread £2.75 with Cheese £3.25

Hand Cut Chips £2.75 with Cheese £3.25

Cajun Chips with Minted Yogurt £3.25

Soup of the day £4.75

Cauliflower Cheese £3.25

House Salad £2.75

Onion Rings £2.00

Kids Menu

All £4.95

Sausage, Mash Potato & Gravy

Mini Fish & Chips

Mini Ham & Eggs

Buttered Penne Pasta with Peas

Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce


Daily Specials available on the blackboard

Lashford Sausage with Mash Potato, Crispy Red Onion & homemade Gravy. £10.75


Pie of the day served with Vegetables £10.75


Homemade Beef Burger with Hand Cut Chips, Cheese, Brioche Bun & Relish . £11.95


8oZ Rump Steak with Roasted Tomato, Flat Mushroom, Onion Rings & Hand Cut Chips £13.95


Traditional Fish & Hand Cut Chips with homemade Tartare Sauce £10.95


Hand Carved Ham with Chips & Fried Eggs £10.75


Award Winning Faggots with Mash Potato, Peas, Crispy Red Onion and Homemade Gravy £10.75


Wild Mushroom, Butternut Squash & Broad Bean Linguini with Parmesan £8.95

Add Chicken and Chorizo +£2.95